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ATI is another character


ATI is often seen as a mixed character. In a few episodes he's nice, in others he's sided with P-50 and bullies other sirens. He's often seen as the most annoying character, as he has a 1000Hz tone that sounds like a censor beep.


ATI first appeared in Episode 5. He was disguised as T-128 and was caught after 2001-SRNB got suspicious of him after swearing a lot. ATI got destroyed again, and Thunderbolt appeared.

He has since appeared in a handful of episodes since.


  • ATI's 1000Hz tone is based from the old ATI HPSS-32's in Nashville, TN. They were programmed to sound that tone for tornado's. However, they have since been replaced with Federal Signal 508's and Eclipse 8's.
  • ATI is based from the real ATI HPSS-16's.
  • He seems to be the most hated character in the series, beside P-50.


ATI's real life model.